"Rachel Anderson has long been respected for her perceptive writing and quietly provocative approach to themes that are far removed from conventionally acceptable topics for young readers."
Stephanie Nettell, Books for Keeps

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"Rachel Anderson can create a character out of a few wisps of words and dialogue who is quite different from anyone else you'll ever meet in fiction. In this terrific novel Sunday befriends Rosa from Eastern Europe and a whole cast of other extraordinary people living on the fringe of society. They're funny, touching, unexpected, and unique."
Elizabeth Laird, Top 10 Books About Tough Stuff, The Guardian

About Rachel Anderson

In the beginning, I was a journalist and wrote some books for grownups. Eventually I graduated to writing for younger people. And this is what I've carried on doing for the past 30 years. Young readers are more attentive and much more critical. Stories last in a way that the journalism doesn't.

I used to try to write about rabbits and ponies and puppies. But I am more drawn towards fiction based around real-life stories - political alienation, asylum seekers, bereavement and abandonment.

I used to claim that I could write anywhere, even in a public telephone box (a leftover from my reporting days before mobile phones and FAX were available). I usually worked on the kitchen table surrounded by family life. Later I moved to a separate room. Now I have a cosy writing shed on the edge of a pine-tree plantation. Compared to what I write about, it is very peaceful.

My sisters have told me I should get a dog. I canít see how a dog, however charming, would be an adequate replacement for a husband, though it might inspire me to write a funny dog story.

Rachel Anderson